Customer Story- Mattress Firm’s ERP Training

Learn about ContactPointe’s unique ability to handle a large-scale training Mattress Firm ERP Trainingand technical ERP rollout for Mattress Firm. ContactPointe helped Mattress Firm with their multi-year, 10,000 employee ERP training. It resulted in a seamless transition of personnel training and conversion of their sales data. The final day at each training event and site, the stores would “Go Live”. Pending customer tickets had to be manually entered into the new system in order to schedule deliveries. Up to 3,000 tickets were entered during “Go Live” from each training site in a single day.

Mattress Firm had very high expectations for ContactPointe. Their greatest fear was that the network would not be set up correctly at each training location. It was critical to get customer orders into the new system immediately. With the many days of training over a multi-year period, there was not one issue. All locations worked seamlessly. “Anything that I threw at them or requested magically happened. ContactPointe is absolutely the best vendor I’ve ever worked with” said Tanya Brandewie.

About ContactPointe

ContactPointe was founded in 1991 as a Business Training and Managed IT Services company and we provide a full-range of business training services. We understand the technical details and importance of a well-executed training class.
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