Sending and Receiving an Outlook Business Card

Sending your Outlook Business Card

Once you have created a business card you can easily send it to someone else by attaching it to a new email message.

Step by Step

  1. Go to your Mail folder.
  2. Select New E-mail.

  1. In the new Untitled-Message, choose the Insert tab and select the Business Card drop down list.

  1. Select your name from the list to insert your Business Card. Your Business Card is inserted in the body of the
    E-mail and also as an attachment.

  1. Finish the E-mail message and send it.

Receiving a Business Card

When you receive an E-mail that has a business card attached you can save the information as a new contact record. This is a one of the major advantages of creating a business card.

Step by Step

To save the business card as a new contact you can do the following:

  1. Right click on the image of the card and select a Add to Outlook Contacts.

  1. Open the Attachment to view the Contact Record.

  1. Add any additional information you might have then click Save and Close in the upper left hand corner.

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