Customizing an Outlook Business Card

Customizing the Business Card

Once the Business Card has been created it can be customized by completing the following steps:

Double click the Business Card to activate the Edit Business Card dialog box. By default the Full Name, Company, Job Title, Business Phone and E-mail fields are active. The default image is on the left side of the card.


Step by Step

Use the Fields list in the bottom left corner of the Edit Business Card dialog box to add or remove fields and to rearrange the order of the fields. Select a field in the list and then use the tool buttons in the far bottom left corner of the Edit Business Card dialog box.


  1. When you select a field in the Fields list you can edit the field by using the Edit section to the right of the Fields list. In the example below, the Full Name field is selected in the Fields list and the Bold tool button has been selected in the Edit section.

  1. Use the Card Design section of the Edit Business Card dialog box to change the background of the card and the layout of the text and image.

  1. Click the Layout Button.
  2. Choose a layout from the list.

  1. If you choose Image Right the image will be aligned to the right side of the card.



  1. To change the image, select the Image: button with the word Change… on it.

  1. The Image Area and the Image Align will also affect the layout of the card. The example below shows a logo selected as the image, the Image Area increased to 30% from 16%, and the Image Align set to Top Left .


  1. When you are finished editing, click OK in the bottom right corner of the Edit Business Card dialog box.


Now that you have created your business card and customized it you can send it to co-workers or clients. Go to the article on Sending and Receiving an Outlook Business Card to see how.

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