Viewing Non-Consecutive Dates in your Outlook Calendar

The way Outlook’s Calendar is displayed is probably pretty familiar to you. Depending on how your view is set up, you can see all the days, in order for a particular month or months. That view is usually all that is essential, but there are probably times when it would be really helpful to view, let’s say October 30th, November 5th, and November 14th (non-consecutive dates).

Unfortunately there is no view for that, but there is a workaround that will get the job done.

Here’s an example of how to accomplish this task:

1)    Head over to your Outlook calendar.

Navigation Pane in Outlook's calendar

2)    The Navigation Pane is turned on by default and displays itself along the left side of your screen. See Figure 1 above. It shows the current calendar month (aka the Date Navigator), a listing of any other users’ calendars you may have access to, and navigation buttons taking you to Email, Contacts, etc. However, if the Navigation Page is not displaying, here are the steps to turn it on:

a)    For Outlook 2010, on the View tab, choose the Navigation Pane button in the Layout group and choose Normal.

b)    For Outlook 2007 and 2003, click the View menu, hover over Navigation Pane and then select Normal.

3)    Click October 30th in the Date Navigator to open that date which adds it to your Calendar view.

4)    Press and hold down your Ctrl key on your keyboard.

5)    Continue holding the Ctrl key and display the month of November by clicking the small dark arrow to the right of October (circled in red in Figure 2 below).  Click November 5th. The screenshot below shows both October 30th and November 5th.

Figure 2: The month navigation arrow

6)  Continue holding the Ctrl key and click November 14th.

Display shows three non-consecutive dates in Outlook's calendar

Figure 3: Display shows three non-consecutive dates

7)  To return to your normal view of the calendar dates, simply click any date in the Date Navigator.

No longer are you subject to clicking back and forth on all of your separate dates to get the big picture.  You are now in Ctrl of what you view!

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