Add an email signature in Outlook 2010

 Email signatures, why are they so important? Email signatures are essentially electronic business cards giving your name and contact information. They also greatly enhance a company’s advertising and name recognition while providing links to newsletters, sales and specials.

  1. Begin by clicking the “File” tab in the upper left corner of Outlook.
  2. Click the button labeled “Options”.
  3. On the left side of the dialog box click on the option “Mail”.
  4. Choose the button on the right side of the page that says “Signatures”.
  5. Click “New”.
  6. Give your signature a name and click “OK”.

    Signature dialog box in Outlook 2010

    Signature dialog box in Outlook 2010

  7. Type your signature in the blank area at the bottom of the window. Include items such as your name, phone number, and company name and/or perhaps a company logo. To add a logo, you first need to have an image file saved on your computer. From there you can click the “Insert Picture” button to insert the logo in the desired location within your signature text.
  8. If you want your signature font to stay a consistent color, choose a specific color because the “Automatic” setting will use the default font of any email you reply to. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you hit reply on an email that your words are typed in blue? The same will happen to your signature unless you specify something other than “Automatic”.
  9. Finally, you need to specify whether you want to use this signature just for new messages or whether you want to include them in replies as well.
  10. Click “OK”.

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