Inserting Section Breaks in a Word Document

Section breaks can be used to control the layout and formatting issues in a document, such as different margins on specific pages or different page number formats. To insert section breaks do the following:

Make sure your cursor is located where you would like to place the Section Break.

  1. Select the Page Layout Ribbon Tab (Fig 1).
  2. Select the drop down arrow next to Breaks in the Page setup Group (Fig 1 and Fig 2).
  3. Choose the type of Section break you want (Fig 2).


Figure 1-The Page layout Tab and Breaks Tool Button

Figure 2-The Breaks drop down list

Two of the most commonly used Section Breaks are the Next Page Section Break (Fig 2) which creates a new section and forces everything below it to the next page, and the Continuous Section Break (Fig 2)  which creates a new section without forcing everything below it to the next page.

Thanks for visiting this blog page, I hope this helps you understand how to insert Section Breaks in a Word document. Stayed tuned for more posts on this subject and other important Microsoft Office tips!

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