Creating an Excel PivotTable

Creating a PivotTable

If you have a data list or table, and the data can be grouped by one or more fields in that list, you can dissect your data with an Excel PivotTable. The PivotTable is a powerful tool that can help you view your data in many ways.

To create a PivotTable (Figure 1):

    1. Select any cell in your list.
    2. Select the Insert Tab.
    3. Select the PivotTable Tool Button on the left side of the Insert Tab to open the Create PivotTable Dialog Box.

Figure 1: The Main Data List

The Create PivotTable Dialog Box (Figure 2):

  1.  Verify the Table/Range that contains your data is correct.
  2. Choose where you would like to place your PivotTable. Putting it in a New Worksheet makes it easier to work with.
  3. Select OK to create your PivotTable.


Figure 2 – The Create PivotTable Dialog Box

Manipulating your PivotTable:

  1.     Select the fields you want to use from the PivotTable Field List. (Figure 3)
  2.     The data is grouped and totaled in this example. (Figure 4)


Figure 3 – The PivotTable Field List


Figure 4- The PivotTable

Thanks for visiting this blog page, I hope this helps you create a basic PivotTable. There is a lot more that Excel can do with your data in a PivotTable. Stayed tuned for more posts on this subject and other important Microsoft Office tips!


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